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 Be anyone you choose to be. Make a permanent home. Forge your path.


About RustRPG

Stoneshard is challenging turn-based RPG where your tactical skills will be tested in battles with enemies, diseases and injuries alike.

In the world of Aldor you’ll go on the adventure across medieval lands where you’ll decide how to approach each battle and situation. With unrestricted character development you’ll be able to wear any equipment, combine skills and invest in chosen stats to create a truly unique experience.

Lands in turmoil

  • Open World
    War always takes its toll. Villages ruined, dungeons infested with monsters and old roads deserted. Explore Aldor to know more about the events of the past.


  • Economics
    Wartime economy is ruthless but full of opportunities - complete contracts, hunt for treasures, trade different goods and travel between the cities to make a coin.


Choose your path

  • Character Development

      Experiment with your build by combining 200+ skills and more than 400 pieces of equipment without any class restriction and level prerequisites. Stealth, magic or melee - everyone will find something to their liking.

  • Enemy Variety

      Combat with various factions: unpredictable orcs, disgusting cults, raised dead - every each of them will require a unique approach, while the combinations of enemies will make battles more tense and exciting.

  • Tactical Battles

      There is no hand holding here. Carefully plan ahead and adapt to your surroundings with your numerous skills.

Survive against the odds

  • Health System

      Dieing by enemy’s blade is the least of your worries. Master simple but deep health system: cauterize your bleedings wounds, ease pain with alcohol and drugs, cleanse your blood and heal ailments with all kind of brews.

  • Psyche

      Different situations will affect your character’s mental state. High morale could turn the tide in your favor even in the most hopeless fights, and downed state of mind will only lead to panic attacks and paranoia.

  • Permadeath

      If you’re risky start the game in Ironman mode where all your decisions are irreversible and your character can die once and for all.

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