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Posted by Adûn

December 20th, 2020




Hey everyone! Below you will find the Cinematic Open Beta Server Trailer for the MMORPG LITE Server, which will serve as our very first (and Rust's first) "MMORPG" offering. This server features No Wipes, RPG Character Development, Longterm XP Progression, NPC Factions, Territory Control, Advanced Survival, and much more! 

MMORPG Lite RustRPG.png


This server offers a first of its kind Rust "MMORPG" Experience, with many ways for players to quickly jump into the action to begin creating their permanent characters and homes, and get involved in the many activities and server politics they will encounter! A whole new Rust experience awaits.


- Dedicated, Lag-Free Hardware  / Experienced, Non-Playing Admins
- MMORPG Gameplay / Custom Map / Never Wipes / Progress is Permanent
- Long-Term XP Progression / 100 Levels / Earn XP Through Gameplay
- RPG Character Development: Birthsigns / Talents / Attributes  / Traits / Abilities 
- Territory Control: Claim Land / Set Taxation / Clans, Alliances, Wars
- Monument Control: Capture Monuments / Gain Resources / Defend Them
- Deep Survival Overhaul: New Status Effects / Whole New Gameplay
- Tier-Based Map Progression / Newbie / Midgame / Endgame Areas
- Regionalized Resources / Custom Sub-Biomes / Geographical Pros & Cons
- Raidable Outpost / Player-Run Bandit Camp / No Safe Zones
- Custom Events / Monument Hotspots / Gather Hotzones
- Monument, Roaming, and World NPC Factions / Bosses & World Bosses
- Treasure Hunting / Timed & Contested World Objectives
- Dynamic Questing w/ Many Activities & Rewards
- Bounty Hunting: Place Bounties on Players or Track & Hunt Bountied Players
- Clan Leaderboards: Tracks Kills / Deaths / Raiding / Resources / Rewards For Top Clans
- Player Leaderboards: In-Game Titles & Rewards
- Achievement System w/ Dozens of Unlocks & Progress Tracking
- Casino Gambling: Slot Machines / Blackjack / Custom Scrap Wheels
- Social Features: Friends List / Ignore List
- In-Game Store for QOL Perks / NO P2W / Earn Reward Points w/ Gameplay

- Regular Updates / Much more to come!

Server IP: Open Beta Coming December 27th!




We hope you enjoyed the trailer! We'd love if you could leave your feedback, questions, or concerns in the comments section, as well as hit us with a thumbs up if you liked. Share the video if you'd like to help us get the word out, and don't forget to subscribe for all future content, as we have much planned moving forward, including many cinematics.


The launch of the Open Beta of the MMORPG LITE Server on Sunday, December 27th, 2020 will mark the "Soft Launch" of the server. What do we mean by this, you might ask? This section will cover that!

By "Soft Launch" we mean that the Open Beta will function as the effective beginning of the server, with EVERYTHING carrying over to the "Full Launch" with the exception of items and blueprints. This is so that we have the time we need to carefully observe the economy, which is Rust's first-ever, permanent, non-wiping economy, and therefore the data must be carefully examined to ensure all the moving parts fall in place. We've already went to great lengths to ensure this during our Closed Beta and QA Testing phases, but as they say, there's no data like live data!

Let's have a look at all the things which WILL carry over to the Full Launch:

- XP Progression & Levels Earned
- RPG System Progression & Unlocks
- Built Bases & Structures

- Resources in Tool Cupboards for Base Upkeep
- Claimed Zone Tiles for the Territory Control System
- Clan Points Earned via the Clan Leaderboards System

- Player Titles earned via Player Leaderboards System
- Server Reward Points
- Achievements

- A few other key things which will be added during Open Beta


Things which will NOT carry over to the Full Launch:

- Items

- Blueprints

As you can see, not only are there quite a few things which are permanent even now and DO carry over to the Full Launch, but the MMORPG LITE Server Open Beta (Soft Launch) will last for up to 6 months, so any items and blueprints earned will still last much, much longer than any standard Rust server. We therefore encourage you to treat the Open Beta as a real launch and play as you normally would!


A few players in the Discord have expressed concern about things carrying over from the Open Beta (Soft Launch) to the Full Launch, and we wanted to ease your concerns!

The MMORPG LITE Server has been created from the ground up to offer an enjoyable and competitively even playing field to all players, no matter how much time they have invested in the server.

It works like this. All areas on the map are divided into Tiers - starting from Tier 0 all the way up to Tier 3. All players who enter into Tiers 0 and 1 will be automatically temporarily "scaled down" in effectiveness in every way, including items AND character progression, so that they will be competitively on par with players within those areas. This feature ensures that no player can bully another based solely on how much time they've committed to the server. 

We encourage players to play at their own pace and progress through the Tier Areas as they feel ready. Tier 0 is considered the "tutorial area", with relaxed looting rules (you keep some items and equipment on death), virtually no XP loss, and a softer feel so players can get used to the server. Tier 1 will be more challenging, but still provide slightly relaxed looting rules and minimal XP loss upon death. Upon venturing into Tier 2, the server considers players are ready for the challenge, and there are no longer any restrictions upon loot or anything else.

With this system, new and intermediate players are always safeguarded from being intimidated by more advanced and veteran players, and can experience the server one step at a time. In fact, there is nothing stopping someone from permanently staying in Tier 1 for example, if that is their desire, as each Tier will have its own local economy based on proximity to danger. 


The launch of the Open Beta of the MMORPG LITE Server marks 1 year of active development, and over 2.5 years of background work, and we're very pleased to finally see our vision of turning Rust into a full-fledged RPG with no wipes into a reality. Your interest and support in our humble project means a great deal to us. 


In the week we have before launch, you can expect we'll be doing final testing and polishing, as well as hopefully releasing a dev featurette, revealing more information about the unique mechanics of the server. We very much hope you'll be joining us for the Open Beta (Soft Launch) and please feel free to jump in our Discord with any questions you may have. We'll see you there, and as always, thanks for checking us out.

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