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The Rust MMORPG Server's Open Beta also doubles as our "Soft Launch", which means EVERYTHING carries over to the Full Launch, so players can already jump into the action and begin their journey, creating their permanent characters and permanent homes! Unlike all other Rust Servers, Rust MMORPG never wipes and all progress is forever, whether playing for a few minutes or many years.

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If you ever wanted "more" out of Rust, where each system had increased depth, you could create a permanent home rather than restarting every week or two, build a character with an RPG identity in a persistent virtual world, tackle challenging NPC Factions, be protected from KOS by a dynamic Alignment System, engage in Clan warfare, explore a massive world, master MMORPG-style combat, and discover hundreds of custom items - you may have just found your permanent server.

Open Beta Features:
- Build a PERMANENT Home / Server Never Wipes / Not even on "Forced" Wipes
- Massive MMORPG Handmade Custom Map / Tier-Based Areas w/ Increasing Difficulty
- 100% Original In-Depth RPG System / Long-term Progression / 11 Character Slots
- No Offline Raiding / War Declarations / Volatility (Anti-Explosive Hoarding) System
- Alignment System / Punishes KOS / Lawful / Criminal / Neutral Playstyles
- 30+ NPC Factions: Custom-Made AI With Player-Like Tactics & Scaling System
- Dozens of Custom Events / Custom Zombies, NPC and Bradley & Heli World Bosses
- Loot Keys & Keycards / Unlock Chests for Full Loot / Bash Crates for Partial Loot
- Open World PVE & PVP Gameplay / Arena / Dueling System
- Clan Battles / Player, Clan, Alliance Leaderboards / Unique Titles
- MMORPG-Style Mechanics: Hotbars, HP Bars, Weapon Strategies, More!
- Hundreds of Custom Items / Unique Armor/Clothing Combos / Player-Driven Economy
- Regionalized Resources / Custom Sub-Biomes / Geographical Pros & Cons
- Advanced Survival Overhaul / New Status Effects / Original Mechanics
- New Player Friendly: Tutorial Island / Dozens of QOL Features for New Players
- Active Development / Friendly & Welcoming Community / MUCH More To Come!

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