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July 15th, 2020



Hey all, in this post we follow up on our previous blog regarding the imminent launch of 6 servers in our Network. All details and a promo trailer can be found inside!


It's been a fairly long and twisting road to get here, but we've arrived! Tomorrow on Thursday, July 16th we will be launching 6 brand new servers for the network, with all details listed below.


While it can take months or even years to establish playerbases for modded servers or networks, and we remain a very new entity in the Rust modded community, these servers will act as our "core" roster that will serve to spread the word about what we're about and how we stand out, as efficiently as possible over time.

With the above said, because we are still very new (technically speaking, this launch represents our first "real" non-experimental launch), we are not expecting large populations to materialize instantly out of thin air, but rather plan to continue to build up an interested and engaged playerbase over time, wipe by wipe, update by update, month by month, especially as players experience all the elements which make the RustRPG Network so unique and the beginning of something, we would be so bold as to say, that has never been done before.

The vision behind the network remains the same: To create a Network of servers based on originality and creativity that has much more to offer than just another set of servers in the near-endless sea of "Vanilla with a few tweaks". 


Our OWN Vanilla+ servers will remain as close to Vanilla as we'll ever get (although we will consider releasing a "Barebones Vanilla" server at some point if the demand is high enough, just to cover all bases), but even then our Vanilla+ has many unique features that amplify the  experience in ways you will not find elsewhere. From here, we will be expanding with many new creative and original servers regularly, with work on our major "MMORPG" Rust Server going on in the background, slated for Early Access later in the year.


This promo trailer will give you a quick look at what you can expect in the 6 upcoming servers!  We hope you enjoy and please do feel free to leave your feedback in the comments and to subscribe for future content, and share the video should you wish to help get the word out.


All Servers Launching Thursday, July 16th

[US] [RustRPG] 2X Vanilla+
Going Live: 3PM EST
Info: https://www.rustrpg.com/si-us-vp

[EU] [RustRPG] 2X Vanilla+
Going Live: 9AM EST
Info: https://www.rustrpg.com/si-eu-vp

[US] [RustRPG] 2X Vanilla+ Primitive
Going Live: 3PM EST
Info: https://www.rustrpg.com/si-us-vpp

[EU] [RustRPG] 2X Vanilla+ Primitive
Going Live: 9AM EST
Info: https://www.rustrpg.com/si-eu-vpp

[US] [RustRPG] The Purge
Going Live: 3PM EST
Info: https://www.rustrpg.com/si-us-tp

[EU] [RustRPG] The Purge
Going Live: 9AM EST
Info: https://www.rustrpg.com/si-eu-tp


Once these servers are live, we will of course continue to support and update them regularly with new content and bug fixes. From there, we aim to continue to add servers month by month.


The next server is set for August 20th, titled Ages Progression, and will be about experiencing the 4 different "Ages" of Rust items/weapons, one at a time. Starting from the "Wooden Age", to the "Stone Age", to the "Metal Age", and finally ending with the "Modern Age". Each Age will last progressively longer than the one which came before it. More details will be posted soon!

Then for September or October we will be releasing our Hardcore Survival Server, which will push players to the brink and challenge them to survive like never before, with a whole new original survival system with custom status effects, dynamic bonuses for staying alive and nourished. The purpose of the server will be short wipe cycles with big rewards for the players that have survived the longest. Building will be very limited and will instead be about testing your skills as a lone survivor in the wilderness, pitted against one another! Likewise, more details will be posted shortly, including an original trailer.

From there we will reveal what the next servers that follow will look like, all while we work on our namesake "MMORPG" Server currently titled Vanilla RPG, which will turn everything you can do in Rust into a raiseable skill with long-term progression that NEVER resets, and a fully Custom Map that rewards exploration and NEVER wipes!

That's it for this post all, we hope to see you out there! Thanks for reading!

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