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Posted by Adûn

June 15th, 2020





Hey everyone, in this post we give you all a recap on our first server's beta launch and the many plans we have for moving the Network forward from here, including some big changes! Let's go!


Firstly, we wanted to thank everyone who has played on the server so far, your feedback and even just the data from your play sessions have been invaluable in us making improvements and understanding our own undertaking. Thank you!

Secondly, we wanted to apologize for making the mistake of not expressly initially labeling the first server launch a Beta release. We were on the fence on this, worrying that it would make players lose interest in trying it outright due to the disillusionment with modern "early access" titles, but simply put, the game-state IS a Beta, and therefore should have been labeled a Beta, end of discussion. This was our mistake, and until we're ready to bring it into what we consider a full launch-ready state, we will continue to refer to it as a (Live) Beta.

With all that said, in just about 11 days so far, we have made dozens of updates to the server (which you can read about in the changelog in our Discord's #updates section), and this trend of regular updates will only continue as we sculpt it further and further into the game state and vision we have for it. When we are ready to do a full launch, we will make a whole new "definitive" trailer and undertake new promotional efforts to get the word out.


So where do we go from here? The first thing we've decided to do is simplify our roster of servers. Originally we planned to offer Solo/Duo/Trio and No Group Variant Servers for every server type, but upon reflection we've realized it would be better for us, especially as a small team, to focus on quality over quantity in all respects.


This DOES NOT mean we will be offering any LESS server types than originally planned. What this DOES mean is we will be combining both group variants into just one: No Group Limit, and we won't be including it in the server title, as the default for any server is already No Group Limit. So to put it simply, we'll be removing Solo/Duo/Trio, and will only be offering No Group Limit Servers across the board.


To explain, we've come to be somewhat disillusioned with the premise of Solo/Duo/Trio in general, as we feel it's better to regulate the power of zergs and large groups with actual game mechanics rather than artificial hard limits. There is also the large upside of not having to police group sizes and the countless reports that stem from potential "teaming" and what not. Additionally, enforcing such limits actually creates some very "anti-sandbox" concepts like groups being unable to trade or cooperate with one another, so overall we're glad to be rid of it.

So, effective for our next coming wipe (Thursday, June 18th) for our active [US] Vanilla - RPG Lite (Solo/Duo/Trio) Server, we will be abolishing all group limit-related aspects, and the server will be renamed to [US] Vanilla - RPG Lite, and the same pattern will be true for all upcoming servers.

SERVERS PAGE has been updated to reflect these changes.


In addition to the above Network-wide changes, we will also be making a significant change to the currently active Vanilla - RPG Lite server. After looking over the data and feedback from players, we've decided we will be increasing the map wipe cycle from 1 week to 2 weeks, while likewise reducing the blueprint wipe cycle from 1 month to also 2 weeks. This means our map wipes and blueprint wipes will happen simultaneously and each wipe will be a fully fresh start.

Our reasoning here is primarily based on the fact this server offers a very unique kind of progression in Rust, making it less like just a Survival Game, and more like a Survival MMORPG. While we don't disagree with the concept of having blueprints left over for future wipes on other server types - specifically on our Vanilla - RPG Lite Server it really doesn't make sense to have tiered and gradual progression the first weekly wipe of the month, and then have all subsequent wipes be based around players skipping that progression and going straight to their blueprinted higher-tier weapons, armor, meds, and the like.


With this change, blueprints will serve exclusively as a way for players to reproduce full durability items that they've researched within the bounds of the wipe itself, rather than for preparing advantages for future wipes, which also put players who did not do this at a palpable disadvantage, requiring them to run through the progression while others simply skip it. 

When these changes hit on Thursday, June 18th, blueprints will wipe with the map. 


A few days ago we added an #in-development section to our Discord, and we invite you once more to join and check it all out for yourself, but this is the list of planned changes we have for the Vanilla - RPG Lite Server, that once completed, we will consider it ready for a full launch:

- Server Wiki Page
- In-Game Tutorial w/ User Interface & Rewards
- Revamped, More Rewarding Achievement System
- In-Game Shop Where Server Reward Points Are Spendable
- Capturable Outpost & Bandit Camp 2.0 / Set Your Own Rules & Vendors / Spawn Your Own Guards
- Monument Territory Control / Capture Monuments / Gain Passive Bonuses & Items Every Upkeep 
- Talent System 2.0 / More Points To Spend / Allocate Multiple Points Into Same Talents For Increased Benefit / More Talents Added
- Overhaul of Monument Loot Distribution
- NPC Faction Difficulty Update
- Individual Item Rarities Update
- Custom Events Added / Improvement Of Current Events


In July we plan to add two Vanilla+ Servers to our roster, which will be strictly Vanilla Rust with only some added QOL features like Furnace Sorter, Skinbox, Sign Artist, and the like. As you may have guessed, one will be [US] and the other [EU]. We welcome players from all walks in Rust, from those who enjoy the core game to those looking for a different experience entirely!

To go with our July Vanilla+ Launch, we'll be releasing a 4K Rust Cinematic titled "Cruel World", which will be an ironic, comical, but action-packed look at the "Vanilla Rust Experience". Cinematics will actually be a mainstay of the RustRPG Network, as we plan to not only offer high-quality servers, but high-quality and one-of-a-kind Rust Videos as well for all to enjoy, even if you don't play on our Network! These will include Raid Cams, Story-Based Cinematics, Server Trailers, Feature Spotlights, Clan & Player Highlights, and much more!

On the heels of our July Vanilla+ Multi-Launch, in August we will also be launching our Vanilla+ Primitive Server. This will be a unique server that offers once again strictly Vanilla Gameplay, but with the feature of most military and "high tech" aspects being removed, allowing players to focus on the more "primitive" forms of combat like Archery, Melee, and highly limited "guns". 

Alright everyone, that's it for this blog, we'll catch you all soon in the next one!

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