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Posted by Adûn

June 24th, 2020


Hey everyone! In this post we'll be covering some major decisions regarding our current Vanilla - RPG Lite server, and discuss what our updated server roster will soon look like! Let's get into it!


Our goal for the rest of this year is to get the Network to a "baseline" state. This means offering a whole host of servers that, while still entirely original and creative, have a higher degree of outright accessibility than our ultimately planned RPG Servers, so that we can start to build an active, engaged and unified community over time. 

To accomplish this, starting from July 16th at which time we will be dropping 3 new server types at once, we will be regularly adding more servers to the roster month-by-month!


July 16th - Vanilla+ / Vanilla+ Primitive / The Purge (US & EU)
August 20th - Ages Progression Server (US & EU)

September/October - Hardcore Survival (US & EU)

October to December - New Servers TBA

Vanilla+ (US & EU)

These servers will offer the Vanilla experience plus a few RustRPG Network Trademark Additions like Talents, Player & Clan Leaderboards, and more! Perfect for those that love a slightly enhanced version of core Rust!

- High Quality Dedicated, Lag-Free Servers

- Procedural Maps Tailored to Population Size
- 2 Week Map Wipes / 1 Month Blueprint Wipes / Non-Playing Admins
- 2X Vanilla / Slightly Shorter & Brighter Nights
- Talent System w/ Thousands of Combinations 
- Bounty Hunting: Place Bounties & Hunt Bountied Players
- Casino Gambling: Slot Machines / Blackjack Table / Home Scrap Wheel
- Clan Leaderboards for Kills / Deaths / Raiding / Resources w/ Dynamic Rewards
- Player Leaderboards w/ In-Game Titles & Dynamic Rewards
- Achievement System w/ Dozens of Unlocks Each Wipe
- In-Game Store for QOL Perks / Earn Server Reward Points Through Gameplay
- Social Features: Clans / Private Messaging / Friends List / Ignore List

Vanilla+ Primitive (US & EU)

These servers will be similar to our Vanilla+ Servers, with the addition of removal of military loot & electrical items, modified "primitive" loot tables, restriction on Armored Buildings, and a few other "primitive" conversions. Perfect for those that enjoy the Primitive Rust Experience!

- All Vanilla+ Features
- Archery & Melee Focus / Fire Arrows Rare & Uncraftable
- Military Weapons & Electrical Items Removed (Copters & Modular Vehicles Remain)
- Public Self-Powered Modular Car Lifts at Gas Station/Supermarket
- Attachments Removed Besides: Simple Sight / Flashlight / Silencer  / Rarity Increased

- Timed Explosive Removed / Primarily Satchel Raiding / Metal Max Building Grade
- All Remaining Tier 3 Workbench Items Loot-Only & Uncraftable 
- Garage Door & Gear Rarity Increased
- Nail Gun / Revolver / Double Barrel / Waterpipe / Flamethrower Rare & Uncraftable 
- Bolt Action (No Scopes) & Ammo / Rocket Launcher & Ammo Ultra Rare & Uncraftable
- All Other Ammo Besides Arrows & Handmade Shells Rare & Uncraftable
- Heli Event Replaced w/ Heli Refuel Event

The Purge (US & EU)

These servers will offer players the chance during server off-hours to gather at 4X and bunker up, with the ability to PVP only at Monuments, with pure mayhem unleashed at server prime times: once "The Purge" is enabled, PVP is allowed server-wide, nowhere is safe, gathering is reduced, and structures will be 2X as vulnerable as Vanilla!

- All Vanilla+ Features
- During Server Off-Hours: 4X Gathering / PVP Disabled Besides At Monuments / Structures Invulnerable
- During Server Prime Time: The Purge Begins / 1X Gathering / PVP Fully Enabled Including at Outpost & Bandit Camp / Structures take 2X Damage
- Exact Peace/Purge Schedule will be posted and available In-Game

Ages Progression (US & EU)

More details will be disclosed about this server shortly!

Hardcore Survival (US & EU)

More details will be disclosed about this server shortly!

Our Server Page & Info Page have both been updated to reflect these changes, as well as our #in-development section on our Discord. 


Once again we wanted to thank everyone who has played on the server so far and provided their feedback! We had 440 player connections in total, and the data we've been able to look at as a result has been very helpful.

It is based on this data, as well as feedback we've accumulated in the 3 or so weeks since the server launched, that we've been able to come to a hard conclusion which we will share with you in this section.

Each server we create has a concept and an intended audience. The concept of the Vanilla - RPG Lite Server was to act as a kind of bridge between Vanilla Rust and the more in-depth RPG Servers we will eventually be offering. In terms of audience, It was meant to introduce Vanilla players to something familiar but also very new and engaging, while also attempting to provide the players who already enjoy RPG-type servers with a server concept to rally behind.

However, what was intended to act as a "middle ground" concept (and "entry point" for our "full" RPG Servers), in review, ended up enticing neither group sufficiently. Yes, the Beta Launch was lacking a certain amount of documentation and there were a number of other issues you could point to that contributed to the overall concurrent player count not being where we wanted it to be to continue with the server, but ultimately after reviewing the data, feedback, as well as player-interactions with our mechanics as a whole, we've come to the conclusion that the core concept itself is a flawed approach for what we are trying to accomplish with this server type.



With all that said above, when the Vanilla - RPG Lite Server ends its current wipe on July 2nd, we will be shutting it down. The upcoming Vanilla+ Servers will then take its place. These upcoming servers will essentially serve the same purpose but in a more accessible manner, as they do not take anything away from Vanilla Rust; only add to it with new and fun features. 

Once the July 16th Servers are live and we continue working towards our "core" slate of servers listed above, we will in parallel be working on what we consider to be the major point of the Network itself: our main RPG Servers, starting with what we will be calling Vanilla RPG. This server will utilize all the planned changes we had for RPG Lite, plus quite a few more.

Essentially this means we are combining the RPG Lite and RPG Plus concepts into one, as it has become clear that once you venture into the realm of making an RPG server, it really doesn't matter if it's a "lite" version or a "plus" version, as it is already a specific niche of its own.

All Server Reward Points that have been earned on the RPG Lite Server will be credited to players on both the [US] and [EU] Servers launching on July 16th. Additionally, anyone who has made a purchase on our Store will be given a full refund credit in Server Reward Points (plus a nice bonus!) so they can re-purchase that package on the upcoming servers.


Once we shut down our Vanilla - RPG Lite server, the Vanilla RPG Server will have officially begun by entering into closed beta. So, what will this server offer when it's finally ready? In short, it will be by far the most ambitious and unprecedented RPG Server ever attempted in Rust, and will seek to turn Rust into an "MMORPG" experience. This includes one of the primary features being a map and blueprints that will never wipe, as well as long-term character progression that will also never wipe. The server could be loosely thought of as a "Rust MMORPG". 


- Highly Custom Map w/ Many Nuances & Exploration
- Map/Blueprints Will NEVER WIPE
- Long-term Skill-Based Progression / Every Single Thing You Can Do Turned Into A Raiseable Skill / Progression Will NEVER Reset
- Talent System 2.0 / Earn Points Over Time / Allocate Multiple Into Same Talent For Increased Benefit / More Talents Added
- Specializations / Improve Skills To Do Specific Things Much Better / Limited Points

- Character Attributes / Further Diversify Your Character With These Passive Boosts

- 20 NPC Factions w/ Tier-Based & Themed Loot Tables / Like An MMORPG

- Regionalized Resources & Sub-Biomes

- Advanced Survival Overhaul, Unique Status Effects, Survivor & Nourishment Bonus
- Alignment System / Red & Blue Colored Names / Advantages & Disadvantages For Both

- Conquest System / Wars & Blitzes
- Player-Justice & Bounty-Hunting
- Village System / Incentivizes Community
- Raidable & Capturable Outpost & Bandit Camp / OP Home to Blues / BC Home to Reds
- Monument Territory Control / Capture Monuments / Gain Passive Bonuses & Items
- Improved Gathering Including Fishing System

- Mix of Classic & Custom Events!
- Full In-Game Tutorial w/ User Interface & Rewards For Each Step
- In-Depth Server Wiki

- And more!

This server currently has an ETA of Q4 2020, but don't worry, you will be hearing (and seeing!) a lot about what this server will be about, as we will have videos, blogs, and featurettes all documenting its development process.

Alright everyone, that's it for this Blog, we'll see you in the next one, and please feel free to share your thoughts or any questions you may have in the Discord! If you want to provide any final feedback regarding our current Vanilla - RPG Lite Server, or just try it out, it will be available until July 2nd. We'll see you soon.

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