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Posted by Adûn

May 11th, 2020



Hey everyone, in this blog post we have for you a quick look at the highly detailed custom map our first two servers (Solo/Duo/Trio & No Group Limit - RPG Lite) will be using. We'll also share some details about what makes this map so unique! 



The first thing you might notice (because it may look a bit "strange") is that this is an image pulled from the map editor itself rather than the in-game map. But don't worry, we'll be sharing the official and finalized in-game map with you as well before launch so you'll have time to brainstorm your build and map strategies. The reason we're sharing the map editor version is because it shows the different biome information a bit more clearly than the in-game map.


If you guys are wondering about Monuments, we can confirm it features ALL Monuments, and comes complete with a ring-road connected to all Monuments. Note: This image doesn't include the Oilrig or Lighthouse Monuments.

Full Resolution Here:


One major map feature is Custom Sub-Biomes. This is a concept Core Rust touches upon to a small extent, but we have greatly expanded on. As you can see from the map, there are 3 Main Biomes: in the balanced center we have Temperate (aka Grasslands), in the freezing north we have Arctic (aka Snowlands), and in the sweltering south we have Arid (aka The Desert).

But within these 3 Main Biomes, there will be multiple Sub-Biomes, which are represented on the map with different splat colorings. Each Sub-Biome will have its own custom ratios of resource and animal populations, ranging from "none" to "very high". The beauty of this is that it gives players many more strategic options for deciding where they want to live, and why. 

For example, one of the trademarks of the Arid Biome is that it offers Very High Sulfur, but only Low Metal. The Arid Rockland (Sub-Biome) within will have High Sulfur, Low Stone, Very Low Metal, and no Trees or any other resource.


Whereas one of the the trademarks of the Arctic Biome is the opposite of the Arid: that it offers Very High Metal, but only Low Sulfur. The Arctic Rockland (Sub-Biome) has High Metal, Low Stone, and no Sulfur or Trees

And as you might have guessed, the trademark of the Temperate Biome is that it specializes in High amounts of Trees. It is also statistically per-resource the most plentiful and balanced Biome, and where all players will start their journey on each fresh wipe.


After spawning on the Beach, it will be up to you whether you choose to continue in Temperate for its balance, brave the heat and go south to Arid for its explosive potential, or endure the freezing cold in the northern Arctic for the metal. And even after choosing your Main Biome, your choice of Sub-Biome will offer that much more freedom for strategic gameplay options. 

A Sub-Biome resource breakdown can be found below (now updated!):


Temperate Grassland 
Low Stone, Medium Trees 
Low Mushrooms, Medium Hemp 

Low Collectable Metal, Low Collectable Sulfur
Medium Horses, High Deer, Medium Boar, High Chickens

Temperate Dirtland 
Low Metal, Low Stone, Low Trees 
Medium Mushrooms, Low Hemp

Low Horses, Medium Deer, High Boars, High Chickens

Temperate Forestland 
High Trees 
High Mushrooms, High Hemp 

Low Wolves, High Deer, Medium Boars 

Temperate Rockland
Low Metal, Low Sulfur, Medium Stone

Low Bears, Low Wolves 
Temperate Cave
Medium Metal, Medium Sulfur, High Stone

Low Bears, Low Wolves

Temperate River
Medium Trees

Medium Corn, Medium Pumpkin, Medium Potato

Medium Horses, Medium Deer

Temperate Beach

High Deadwood

Medium Collectable Stone


Arid Sandland
High Sulfur, Low Trees
Medium Cactus

Low Wolves, Medium Horses

Arid Grassland
Medium Trees
Low Hemp

High Horses, Low Deer, Low Boars

Arid Dirtland

Low Stone
Medium Cactus, Low Mushrooms

Low Horses, Low Deer, Low Boars

Arid Rockland
High Sulfur, Low Stone, Very Low Metal

Low Wolves

Arid Cave 
Very High Sulfur, Medium Stone, Low Metal

High Wolves

Arid Beach

High Deadwood

Medium Collectable Stone



Arctic Snowland
Medium Metal, Medium Stone, Low Trees

Medium Bears, Medium Wolves, Low Horses

Arctic Forestland
Low Trees

Low Bears, Low Wolves, Low Horses

Arctic Stoneland
Low Metal, Medium Stone, Very Low Sulfur

Medium Bears, High Wolves

Arctic Rockland
High Metal, Low Stone

High Bears, Medium Wolves

Arctic Cave 
Very High Metal, High Stone, Low Sulfur

High Bears

Arctic Beach

High Deadwood

Medium Collectable Stone


Are you a group of aggressive early-game raiders and playmakers? Maybe choosing the Arid Biome and living within reach of the Sand and Rock Sub-Biomes would suit your playstyle best, as you would have access to all the Sulfur you can dream of. 

Maybe you like to bide your time and turtle up to gain power gradually, so choosing to live in the Arctic Biome and being within reach of the Snow and Rock Sub-Biomes to stockpile Metal would be your strategy? 

Or maybe basing in Temperate to have a balance of playstyles, with the option to travel equally as far to either Arid or Arctic for what you need? 

Or maybe even choosing to live a subterranean existence and living underground in Caves and therefore having access to all types of ores in particular, resurfacing only to enact your plans sounds like an interesting choice?

Keep in mind, these choices are all further complicated by Map Tier Progression, Animal Populations, NPC Factions and their faction-specific regionalized loot tables, as well as Survival Factors (it's REALLY cold in the Arctic and REALLY hot in the Arid - significantly colder and hotter than Core Rust). But we'll get into all that in future blogs.

That's it for this one, thanks for reading everyone, and we'll see you soon in the next one! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to join our Discord and ask us directly! 

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