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Posted by Adûn

May 5th, 2020



Hello everyone, in this post we'll go into detail about our upcoming first server launch, cover where things currently stand with the launch fast-approaching, and outline what you can expect.

With this post also comes an update of our launch window from May 14th to May 28th. Please read on for insight into why we made this call.


As things currently stand, we have only a few tasks left to complete before we consider our first server to be publicly ready.

These tasks include:

- Completing the launch trailer and ensuring it sufficiently covers all included features.

- Finalizing our promotional agreements to help get the word out for the Network. 

- Continuing to QA every aspect of our first server to provide as smooth of a player-experience as possible, as there are many moving parts we're dealing with (over 100 plugins). 

- Finish implementing our Conquest & Clan Leaderboards system, which we weren't sure would make it for launch but have since decided to prioritize because we believe it serves a core gameplay loop. We share a little more information about this system below.


Because we consider the above tasks essential to our launch state, in order to ensure we can properly complete them without rushing into potential errors or oversights, we have decided to push the launch up 2 weeks from May 14th to May 28th.


As we've been working on many of the ideas and implementations that have gone into this project over the past 1.5 years, we consider just 2 more weeks to be worth the wait as we "cross the finish line". We do also very much appreciate your patience and understanding during this change as we conclude these final tasks, as of course any delays would not be our first choice.


This system is perhaps the main reason we decided to take an additional two weeks, as we came to realize launching without it would have left a notable gap in the core gameplay that would have been unsatisfying for players. So what is this system all about, you might ask? 

Solo/Duo/Trio Servers are all about small-scale gameplay. While small groups of players can of course also choose to play on no group limit servers, and that experience is very unique itself, the main draw for Solo/Duo/Trio is specifically the team-based/clan-based small-scale playstyle.


As such, our Clan Leaderboards System will be a way to measure performance of clans and individual players within those clans across a spectrum of gameplay situations. Players will be able to gain and lose points for kills and deaths, for how well-made their bases are, for how well those bases are protected, and of course for how well you can raid other player's bases. 

One important aspect of this system is the ability to make "comebacks". We didn't want to create a system where players can gain a top position and simply hold on to it based on their early dominance in a wipe, putting them too far ahead to catch up to.

Therefore, if you're a clan on the lower-end of the current leaderboards and manage to make plays and defeat a clan on the higher-end (this applies to raiding or even just killing), not only will you gain a large point bonus for defeating players so much higher ranked than you, but the higher-ranked players will also receive a large point penalty for not performing up to the ranked standard they've achieved. This will allow clans of every skill level to make an impact, and ensure that staying on top will be a challenging and ever-evolving process, not letting anyone merely rest on their early achievements within a wipe.

Finally, this system will provide players at the end of a wipe with Server Reward Points based on their performance. All clans that were active within the wipe will receive a nominal amount of Server Reward Points, and the top three clans will receive a large bonus. Server Reward Points will then be usable to purchase many things from our shop without using real currency! That's right, this means you can unlock all our "premium" features by just playing on the server itself.


We look forward to seeing how you all will make use of this system and the competitive experience it will bring to our server. We are also in the process of creating an API that will allow the leaderboards to dynamically update in real-time both on the Website and in our Discord!


Like all of you, we want as many players as possible to be there to experience our first server's launch day on May 28th. So while we greatly encourage you all to share word of our project in the form of our Discord Invite or this Website, or even our Announcement Teaser, we have our own plans on making sure the word gets out:

- In the coming days we will be releasing a Launch Trailer for our [US] Solo/Duo/Trio - RPG Lite Server which will showcase all of the exciting features we have implemented and what kind of unique experience players can expect!

- We will share this trailer as much as possible, and we encourage you to do the same, but in addition we will also be finalizing our deals with known Rust YouTubers and Twitch Streamers who will also assist in getting the word out. 

- And that is only the beginning. Once our launch takes place, we will only continue getting word out about our Network, as we continue with regular blog posts, social media utilization, server trailers, server patches, polishes, and updates, new servers added to the network, promotions and prizes, cinematic videos, and much more. And a little further down the road once the Network has been established to a "baseline", we will only ramp up all of the above with additional efforts that we will share more info about at a later date.

That's it for this update, please all continue to be safe outside and in, and we'll see you in the next one, which will very likely be the dropping of the Server Trailer!

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