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Posted by Adûn

November 27th, 2021



Hello everyone! For those that celebrate, we hope you stood safe and had a great Thanksgiving! It's been a minute since we've used our Website's Blog/News format which is mostly because we're highly active in our Discord where community engagement is quicker and more direct, though in time we will be striking more of a balance between the two. In the mean time, if you haven't already, joining our Discord is the best way to stay up to date with our active development cycle.

Having recently completed development on the Version Build of the RUST MMORPG Server, and being 11 months (to the day) since we launched our Open Beta, we wanted to provide you all with an update on what our plans are moving forward, as we progress into Version and beyond. 

This post will detail our intentions in instilling more of a community-driven feel to the server through a number of initiatives, will discuss our upcoming Patreon, and will reveal our full Roadmap, detailing everything that has already been implemented as well as what is to come. Let's jump in!


As mentioned, a big initiative we will be moving forward with in Version and onward is that of fostering more of a community-driven feel for the server, as it is the community which is the lifeblood of that server experience. No matter how many new features or systems we implement, those features or systems are only as useful as our community is engaged by sharing them with each other day to day, experience by experience.

With that said, let's get into how we plan on achieving this aim!

Community Event Organizers

We will be looking to add up to 3 Community Event Organizers (for now) to our team in a volunteer capacity, who will be given a unique Discord Role. Here we cover what this position entails:

- Will formulate Community-Driven Events that can play out on the server, offering unique occurrences with unique rewards for participants
- Will collaborate with the Admin Team to set up an Event Structure, including beginning, middle, and end
- Will organize the Event with good communication skills, which our Admin Team will then make a reality by executing on the live server (and often record and make a video out of!)

If interested in applying for this Role, please contact myself (Adûn) in the Discord, though bear in mind, Community Event Organizers will not receive any in-game privileges or admin-like capabilities, but will rather be a community member working along side the Admin Team. This is to ensure the integrity of all Events and to avoid any conflicts of interest, as we do want the Clan of the Community Event Organizer themselves to still be able to participate in the Events with no issues, as it is they after all who have spent so much efforts to make the Event a reality.

Community-Driven Features

Recently posted in Feature Previews in our Discord, we will be implementing a system of Public and Private Landmarks, which will allow players to create unique player-made Points of Interests on the map, ranging from anything like a Colosseum, to a Community Arts Center, to a Training Academy, to a Shopping Center, and much more! Landmarks will show up on the map, allowing players to truly leave their "mark" on the game world, shaping it with their visions and builds.

Likewise Feature-Previewed, we will be implementing Player Civilization Banners, which will allow players to create their own levelable Villages, Towns, and Cities, custom-tailored to whatever purposes they can imagine, receiving increased stack size for greater map permanence, reduced upkeep cost for ease of management, an increased defenses for better defensibility to all associated structures within the Village, Town, or City.

Players will be able to create their own local ordinances and even government, work out amongst themselves how they will handle all their logistics, and even decide whether or not these civilizations are mechanically Lawful or Lawless, allowing the existence of everything from seedy crime-ridden back alley towns where all manner of dark deeds are negotiated, to peaceful fishing villages, to militaristic barracks, to mega trade hub cities! In time, players will also be able to upgrade these civilizations with unique game-mechanic bonuses, that when combined with the way of life they've already created, will offer a highly nuanced and fine-tuned feeling of home.

On the whole, because we seek to offer an MMORPG, never-wiping experience, we very much want to capitalize on that persistence, allowing players to feel like they have a home they can always come back to, whether active day to day, or even something far more casual, all with the reasonable expectation their creations will persist. 


We will be launching a Patreon shortly which will allow the community to even more actively get involved with the development, helping accelerate our efforts via your support, and likewise offering many unique benefits in return.

While we do have a server store which has been of immense help to us in supporting the development (and we're incredibly grateful to everyone who has contributed in any capacity), it nonetheless mostly serves as a supplement, with our development costs usually substantially outweighing what the store can provide.

Considering we are also humans with life's essentials to contend with, we are forced to always measure how much time we can spend on the project to ensure we meet our IRL survival game needs as well, and simply put, the more resources we have at our disposal, the more time we can expressly dedicate to the project, accelerating the development process all the more. In time, we hope it will even allow us to expand the team and make additional hires to our current 2-man team.

We plan to offer Patrons:
- Monthly Patron Round Table Voice Chat Discussions (at the lowest Patreon Tier, which will serve as a whitelist, and all Discussions will be recorded and posted publicly on the RustRPG YouTube for all to enjoy afterwards)
- Access to a Patron Discord Discussion Channel
- Ability to Create Private or Public Voice/Text Channels
- Early Access to Test New Upcoming Features
- Music Bot Control
- Tailored Cinematics
- Unique Discord Role & Icon
- Monthly Reward Points
- Full Patron List added to the credits of each RustRPG Video
- And More!

Patreon Launch Giveaway

With the launch of our Patreon, we will be hosting a large Giveaway generously sponsored by one of our very own community members - the one and only Cannabis! The exact details of the Giveaway will remain under wraps for now but will be posted in advance of its launch.

To enter, you simply need to become a Patron at any Tier during the first month of its run, and the winner will randomly be chosen once the first month has concluded!


Bellow you will find our Development Roadmap, which details our development path of planned features during each Version Build, starting with Version which is now fully implemented, to our current Version Build, up until Full Launch and beyond.

It took us some time to find our footing after the launch of Open Beta, but we are happy with the stride we've been able to reach and progress made as you will see from the completed feature list below, and we hope that going into Version and onward, the Patreon will help amplify our efforts all the more!

We should emphasize that there are a number of features which we've omitted from the roadmap due to them being unconfirmed at the moment, as well as most of the listed features below having many sub-systems, nuances, and details that can't all remotely be mentioned in this writeup (or it would quickly become novella size and nearly unreadable), but each of those features will be broken down into greater detail as we approach their active development cycle.

Additionally, the exact order of the implementation of the features is very much subject to change depending on how development actually goes when we're in the thick of it, which even means that certain features may wind up in an earlier or later Version Build than listed or changed/omitted. Nonetheless, this will be a solid guide to what players can expect from our development path. 



MMORPG Permanence
- No Wipes

Player Justice
- Bounty Hunting
- Frequency Tracking
- Frequency Reverse Tracking
- Bounty Hunting Terminals

War Declarations
- Warzones
- Epicenters
- Temporary Alliances
- Wagers & Bids
- War Defense Windows

Alignment System
- Alignment Areas
- Alignment Ranks
- Alignment Bonuses/Penalties
- Alignment Loss/Gains
- Grey Flagging & Personal Grey Flagging
- Initiation Hit Reduction
- Alignment Associations
- Criminal Warnings
- Alignment Team Share
- Custom Trap Modes
- Summonable Guardians

RPG System
- Birthsigns
- Talents
- Attributes
- Attribute Focuses
- Hunter Ranks
- Implants
- XP System
- Anti-Exploit Safeguards
- Diminishing Returns
- Team XP & XP Sharing
- Crafting Upgrades

- Blood Essences

Target Bar
- Dynamic Target Bar
- Conditional States

- In-Game Store w/ UI

- Survival Games
- Firing Ranges
- Motor League

- Level-Based Hotbars
- Dozens of QOL Tweaks

- 1v1 Dueling
- Betting
- Private/Public Announcement Modes

-  Bomb Types

NPC Factions
- Monument NPC Factions
- Sub-Monument NPC Factions
- Events NPC Factions
- Guardian NPC Faction
- Revenant NPC Faction
- Chaos Base NPC Faction

World Bosses
- Custom Attack Helicopter
- Custom Bradley Monument Spawning & Pathing
- Custom Bradley AI
- Multi-Stage Event Support

Custom Upkeep
- Custom Upkeep
- Custom Decay
- Custom Healing

- Tier-Based Contraband
- Item Reclaim

TC Limits
- Tier-Based TC Limits
- Clan Integration
- TC Purging

Item Tags
- Tier-Based Item Tagging

Advanced Survival
- Survival Bonus
- Hydration Bonuses
- Nourishment Bonuses
- Custom Status Effects
- Custom Biome Temperatures
- Radiation Nullification

Map Markers
- Radius-Based Map Markers

Custom Events
- Hackable Supply Drop
- Custom Cargo Ship
- Custom CH47 Crate
- Hotzones
- Blood Sun
- Crimson Moon
- Alignment Integration
- NPC Faction Integration
- Map Marker Integration


Item Vaults

- Outpost Item Vault
- Bandit Camp Item Vault

Player Leaderboards
- Dozens of Custom Titles

Clan Leaderboards
- Clan Leaderboards UI
- Clan Points
- Player Points
- Top Clan Rewards

Chaos Bases
- Chaos Base Variants
- PVE Captures
- PVP-Based Vulnerability Windows
- Auto Structure Repairs
- NPC Faction Integration

Tool Cupboard Upgrades
- Upkeep Reduction
- Stack Size Increase
- Structure Defense Increase
- Downgrade System

Vending Machine Upgrades
- Upgradeable Items For Sale
- Upgradable Radius

- Tier-Based Kill Quests

- Tier-Based Gather Quests
- RPG System Integration

- Group Kill Credit
- Group Bonuses

- Clans
- Alliances
- War Declaration Integration
- Fully UI-Based Functionality

Tier-Based Map
- Tier-Based Progression
- Tier-Based Weapons
- Tier-Based Armor
- Tier-Based Softcaps
- Tier-Based Loot
- New Player Protections

- Effective Ranges

Player Controllable Drones
- Scout Drones

- Volatility
- Volatility Mitigation

Town Crier Events
- Giveaways

- Trivia

- Guess That Number

- Speed Demon



- Welcome Info

- Game Tips

Custom Gambling
- Blackjack
- Progressive Slots
- Coin Flipping
- Game Room
- Custom Scrap Limits

Regionalized Resources
- Custom Biomes & Sub-Biomes
- Biome-Based Resources
- Tier-Based Resource Bonuses

World Map

Custom Map w/ Vanilla Rust Monuments
- Custom Excavator & Quarries

- Custom Vending Lists
- Custom Restocking & Resupply System


In-Game Social Media
- Ruster App

- Many Admin Integrations
- Many QOL Features
- Other Unlisted Features



- In-Game Wiki
- New Welcome Screens

Custom Items
- Custom Item Sub-Systems
- Lootable Custom Items
- Craftable Custom Items

- Custom Item-Related Loot Overhaul

Player Civilizations
- Public Landmarks
- Private Landmarks
- Levelable Villages, Towns, Cities

NPC Factions
- Custom AI Stage 1
- Revenant Lichlords
- NPC Vendors w/ Custom UI
- NPC Quest Givers

RPG System
- Attributes Overhaul (Levelable Individual Attributes)

- Skills Implementation (Levelable Individual Skills)
- Birthsigns Overhaul
- Talents Update
- Talents Expansion
- Talents Rebalance

Player-Controllable Drones
- Monitoring Drones
- Revealing Drones
- Excavating Drones

Custom Resources
- Diesel Fuel Types
- HQM Types

- Other Types TBA

Chaos Bases
- Chaos Base Expansion

- Survey Mining

Item Durability
- Item Durability Overhaul
- Field Repair Kits

World Map
- Tier 4 Abandoned Desert Camp MLRS Island (Arid)
- Tier 4 Giant Excavator Pit Island (Arctic)
- Quarry World Objective Overhaul
- Buildable Caves
- Micro Islands
- Graveyards
- Churches
- Other Additions TBA

In-Game Social Media
- Ruster App Expansion

Custom Events
- Blood Moon
- Crimson Sun
- Hotzones Overhaul
- Many More TBA

Player Justice
- Bounty Hunting Rework
- NPC Bounty Hunters
- Hit Contracts

- Criminal vs. Lawful Objectives
- Alignment Home System

- Item Vault Expansion

- Custom Locks
- Non-Base-Access Deployable Lockpicking

World Bosses
- NPC World Bosses
- Patrol Helicopter & Bradley World Boss Diversification

Map Markers
- Additional Custom Map Marker Features

Server Events
- Player & Admin Events

- Discord Integrations 


World Map
- 6K Size Map Land Mass Expansion
- Full Custom Biome Overhaul
- Full Terrain/Aesthetic Overhaul
- 20+ Custom Monuments / Points of Interest
- Custom Adaptation of Select Rust Monuments
- Many New Map Mechanics / World Objectives

Advanced Survival
- Status Effects Overhaul
- Temperature Overhaul
- Metabolism Overhaul
- Radiation Overhaul
- Stamina System
- Resting Bonus

- Tutorial Area w/ Lore Intro

Custom Resources
- Custom Resource Types
- Custom Animal Types
- Custom Gathering
- Custom Fishing

Custom Items
- Custom Item Crafting Full Expansion
- Custom Cooking & Food

- Custom Blueprints

- Item Encumbrance
- Backpacks

NPC Factions
- NPC Faction Overhaul
- Custom AI Stage 2

- Full Loot Table Overhaul

- New Quest Types

Daily Rewards
- Daily Rewards
- Playtime Rewards
- Player Referrals

Custom Events
- Dynamic Events

- Event Expansion

Player Leaderboards
- Player Title Expansion

User Interface
- UI-Based Help Tips

- Website/Socials Redesign 


Territory Control
- Land Claiming
- Taxation
- Land Claim Challenges
- War Declaration Integration
- Capturable Monuments
- More TBA

- MMORPG-Like Custom Chat w/ Tabs
- Distance-Based Chat Features

Custom Items
- Continued Custom Item Expansion
- Named Custom Items
- Custom Items With Unique Uses

NPC Factions
- NPC Faction Standings
- Unique Perks, Items, Interactions
- Guilds/Professions
- Full PVE Overhaul

RPG System
- Abilities
- Traits
*Abilities & Traits will unlock dozens of unique mechanics

User Interface
- Full UI Overhaul

Treasure Hunting
- Treasure Hunting
- Treasure Maps

- Custom Animal Taming
- Pets
- Rideable Non-Horse Animals

- Custom Farming

- Current Quests -> Tasks
- New Original Lore-Based Quest System
- Voice Acting Integration

- Reputation & Prestige
- Alignment Expansion

- Clans/Alliances Expansion

Custom Events
- Dynamic Event Expansion

Custom Map
- Custom World Map
- Custom Mini-Map

World Map
- Final Map Expansions
- Additional Points of Interest
- Additional World Objectives
- More Lore-Based Integration
- Terrain/Aesthetic Improvements 


- Roleplaying Tool Expansion


Player Civilizations
- Village, City, Town Upgrade Types

Player Justice
- Player Courts & Tribunals
- Detainments, Jails, Jailbreaks

- NPC & Player-Created Lore Books

- Dynamic Weather Cycles
- Dynamic Weather Events

RPG System
- RPG Level Books
- Permanent Unlockables
- Masteries
- Hunter Rank Expansion

Animal Breeding
- Animal Breeding

- Crossbreeding

- Custom Car, Boat, Helicopter Types

Custom Items
- Crafter Trademarks
- Item Modifications

- Advanced Taming

Unstable Gateways
- PVE & PvEvP Elite Monuments

- Industrial Mining
- Custom Quarries
- Auto-Farming

- Custom Electrical Items
- Custom Electricity Mechanics

World Map
- Ocean Building
- Sky Building
- Subterranean Building Expansion

Advanced Survival
- Diseases: Vampirism, Zombification, Leprosy, More TBA

NPC Factions
- NPC Lives & Routines
- Trade Routes
- Area Influence

- Capturable Influence Nodes

- Placeable Influence Nodes

- More not listed
- MUCH More to be revealed in time 


We hope this post was able to give you a much better picture of what we have on the horizon for the project. Nonetheless I'm sure there are still plenty of questions to answer, so please don't hesitate to ask them on the Discord. Thanks so much for reading, and we can't wait to continue moving the project forward, patch by patch and Version Build by Version Build. We'll see you out there!

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