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Posted by Adûn

September 30th, 2020




Hey everyone! This blog post will serve as a "reset button" on our blogs in general, as we have underwent some significant changes behind the scenes of the network, and as a result much of the information found in previous blog posts has become quite outdated. This post will be short and to the point, primarily just detailing how we plan to proceed with the Closed Beta of our very first (and Rust's first) full "MMORPG" Server titled MMORPG LITE

MMORPG Lite RustRPG.png


This server offers a first of its kind Rust "MMORPG" Experience, with many ways for players to quickly jump into the action to begin creating their permanent characters and homes, and get involved in the many activities and server politics they will encounter! A whole new Rust experience awaits.


- Dedicated, Lag-Free Hardware  / Experienced, Non-Playing Admins
- MMORPG Gameplay / Custom Map / Never Wipes / Progress is Permanent
- Long-Term XP Progression / 100 Levels / Earn XP Through Gameplay
- RPG Character Development: Birthsigns / Talents / Attributes  / Traits / Abilities 
- Territory Control: Claim Land / Set Taxation / Clans, Alliances, Wars
- Monument Control: Capture Monuments / Gain Resources / Defend Them
- Deep Survival Overhaul: New Status Effects / Whole New Gameplay
- Tier-Based Map Progression / Newbie / Midgame / Endgame Areas
- Regionalized Resources / Custom Sub-Biomes / Geographical Pros & Cons
- Raidable Outpost / Player-Run Bandit Camp / No Safe Zones
- Custom Events / Monument Hotspots / Gather Hotzones
- Monument, Roaming, and World NPC Factions / Bosses & World Bosses
- Treasure Hunting / Timed & Contested World Objectives
- Dynamic Questing w/ Many Activities & Rewards
- Bounty Hunting: Place Bounties on Players or Track & Hunt Bountied Players
- Clan Leaderboards: Tracks Kills / Deaths / Raiding / Resources / Rewards For Top Clans
- Player Leaderboards: In-Game Titles & Rewards
- Achievement System w/ Dozens of Unlocks & Progress Tracking
- Casino Gambling: Slot Machines / Blackjack / Custom Scrap Wheels
- Social Features: Private Messaging / Friends List / Ignore List
- In-Game Store for QOL Perks / NO P2W / Earn Reward Points w/ Gameplay

- Regular Updates / Much more to come!

Server IP: Open Beta Coming December 27th!





Firstly, as stipulated above, the MMORPG LITE Closed Beta will be beginning tomorrow, Thursday, October 1st. Below you will find information on what it will entail, roughly how long it will last, and how you can participate.


Thursday, October 1st  / 12 PM EST to 3 PM EST / - Forced Wipe "Anti-Wipe" Test

With this test we will specifically be putting our anti-wipe plugin through its paces. It is integral that we do this test on a forced wipe, as that is how the plugin will be used in practice once the server is live, and therefore provides the most accuracy as to what we still have to fine-tune. 

Monday, October 5th / 6 PM EST / - "Permanent" Closed Beta Server Opens

The upcoming Monday, we will be opening the Closed Beta Server for all testers, and plan to keep it available 24/7 for the entire duration of the Closed Beta, except for minor downtimes for updates.


The server will have features selectively enabled and disabled as we aim to test many different aspects of the server in a compartmentalized fashion. Over time, more and more features will be enabled simultaneously, eventually culminating in a game-state that will mirror the live server launch. 

Each time new features are enabled, they will be announced in advance and in detail to make testers aware of what to look out for and provide feedback on.

Finally, while we don't have a concrete date for how long the Closed Beta will run, as that directly depends on the progress during the beta itself - we roughly estimate it to take the better part of October. On November 5th, we will do one final test of our anti-wipe plugin to make sure it's working as smoothly as possible, and then plan to launch Open Beta shortly thereafter.


Open Beta, as the name suggests, will be open to everyone. More details to follow, though we expect the Open Beta to essentially serve as our launch, and don't expect there to be any kind of wipe between the Open Beta and Full Launch - but exact details will be given later once that decision is concretely made.


In addition to access to the permanently available MMORPG LITE Closed Beta Server, Closed Beta Testers will be given a custom Discord Role, and be granted access to the private Closed Beta section of the Discord, where all Closed Beta discussion, announcements, feedback, and so on will take place. 

Applying only takes a moment, and can be completed by copy/pasting the below format, and filling it with your answers and #Discord Tag as a signature. Once completed, PM it to Adûn#7365 in the RustRPG Network Discord. 


Please read, answer, and sign on each question. Copy/paste the whole format with your responses.


- How did you hear about RustRPG and/or the MMORPG Lite Server?

- Answer / Discord Tag


- Do you agree not to publicly discuss any details or share any recorded media you take during the course of the testing phases?

- Answer / Discord Tag

- There will be a number of targeted tests during the Closed Beta. They will be announced in advance. Will you be able to commit yourself to participating in each or most of these tests?

- Answer / Discord Tag


- Will you actively follow instructions regarding the purpose of each test and offer as much feedback and/or bug reports as possible so that we may identify the issues and resolve them for launch?

- Answer / Discord Tag


- Do you acknowledge that if you find bugs/exploits that you do not report and then proceed to use them in the live launch, you will be permanently banned from the server and discord?

- Answer / Discord Tag


In the weeks to come leading up to the Open Beta Launch, we intend on releasing more and more blog posts highlighting the specific features of the server, and offering previews and insights from a development standpoint. Stay tuned for that, and we'll catch you all in the next one!

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