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Experience Rust's only full-featured MMORPG Server and create a permanent character in a persistent MMORPG world, using Rust as a platform.

- Build a Permanent Home / Server NEVER Wipes / Not even on 'Forced'
- 100% Original RPG System / Permanent Character Progression
- Massive Handmade "MMORPG" Map w/ Custom Monuments
- Millions of Custom Items / Common to Legendary / Ultra Rare Artifacts
- RPG FPS Combat: ALL Weapons Viable to Endgame, even Bows & Melee!
- No KOS / PVP Flag / PVP Areas / PVP Events / Community Arena
- NPC Factions / Custom AI / Loot & Difficulty Scaling System
- NPC World Bosses with Endless Variation & Strategies
- Loot Crate Keys / Unlock for Full Loot / Bash for Partial Loot
- Alignment System / Lawful / Criminal / Neutral Playstyles
- Full Survival Overhaul / New Status Effects & Mechanics
- Regionalized Resources / New Biomes / Geographical Pros & Cons
- Dozens of other Custom Systems from Mount Claiming to Birthsigns
- New Player Friendly / Tutorial Island / Many QOL Features
- Active Development / Friendly Community / MUCH More To Come!

Server IP:

Map Wipes: No Wipes Ever

Blueprint Wipes: No Wipes Ever


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