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This server offers players the chance to experience each "Age" of Rust one at a time, starting from The Primitive Age all the way to the Modern Age and everything in between. Each time an Age changes, all Blueprints for that Age are automatically unlocked. 

RPG Lite Features:

- High Quality Dedicated, Lag-Free Servers / Experienced, Non-Playing Admins
- New Custom Maps Monthly / Monthly Map Wipe / Monthly Blueprint Wipe

- Enhanced Loot / NPC Loot / 2X Gather / 2X Resource Stack Size

- Long-Term XP Progression / 100 Levels / Never Wipes / Earn XP Through Gameplay

- RPG Character Development: Talents / Attributes / Traits / Thousands of Combinations

- Anti-Offline Raiding: Reduced Raid Damage During Server Off-Hours / Bypassable with Counterplay
- Optional Starter Protection: First 3 Hours PVP Invuln / First 9 Hours Unraidable 
- Custom Events / Rotating Monument Hotspots / Gather Hotzones / Always Something Happening
- Raidable NPC Bases With Different Difficulties & Great Loot Inside
- Monument Scientists / Roaming Bandits / Zombies / Scarecrows
- Questing System With All Kinds of Activities
- Bounty Hunting: Place Bounties on Players or Track & Hunt Bountied Players For Rewards
- Casino Gambling Mini-Games: Slot Machines / Blackjack Table / Home Scrap Wheel
- Clan Leaderboards for Kills / Deaths / Raiding / Resources w/ Dynamic Rewards
- Player Leaderboards w/ In-Game Titles & Dynamic Rewards
- Achievement System w/ Dozens of Unlocks Each Wipe
- Social Features: Clans / Private Messaging / Friends List / Ignore List
- In-Game Store for QOL Perks / Earn Server Reward Points Through Gameplay    

Ages Progression Features:
- Starting from The Primitive Age, each Age lasts twice as long as the last
- As each new Age begins, all Blueprints for that Age are automatically unlocked
- Primitive Age is Wood/Stone only
- Metal Age is Wood/Stone/Metal only
- Modern Age has no restrictions 

- Each Age has entirely unique loot tables, NPC drops, and Events

RPG Lite Ages Progression

Server IP: TBA

Map Wipes: TBA

Blueprint Wipes: TBA

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