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Server IP: Closed Beta TBA

The Island MMORPG


Experience a parallel version of Vanilla Rust, with much more depth. "The Island" takes you to a familiar but whole new land. Create your character any way you wish and advance through tier-based map progression, unique NPC Factions with their own difficulty, loot, and agendas. Alignment also features heavily, as players will choose between law and order, or becoming an outlaw who seeks to make their own rules. Which NPC Faction will you side with? What Alignment will you choose? Who will you be?


- Dedicated, Lag-Free Hardware / Experienced, Non-Playing Admins
- "MMORPG"-Style Server / Never Wipes / Progress is Permanent

- Highly-Detailed Custom Map / All Rust Monuments / Custom Monuments / Monument Additions

- Long-Term XP And Skill-Based Progression / 100 Levels / Earn XP & Raise Skills Through Gameplay

- RPG Character Development: Bloodlines / Skills / Talents / Attributes / Traits / Endless Possibilities

- 20 Map-Wide NPC Factions / Tier-Based Progression & Themed Loot Tables / Faction Ranks

- Territory Control: Claim Territory / Set Taxation / Declare Wars & Blitzes

- Monument Control: Capture Monuments / Gain Passive Resources / Defend Them Daily

- Custom Events & Dynamic / Monument Hotspots / Gather Hotzones 

- Raidable Faction NPC Strongholds / Roaming NPC Factions Can Attack Your Base

- Questing System Tied to Alignment & NPC Factions 

- Regionalized Resources & Sub-Biomes / Resource Clusters / Improved Gathering & Farming

- Improved Survival Overhaul, Unique Status Effects, Survivor & Nourishment Bonuses
- Alignment w/ Colored Names / Blues (Lawful Players) vs. Reds (Outlaws)

- Outpost is the Headquarters for Lawful Players / Bandit Camp the HQ for Outlaws

- Villages: Create Settlements / Make Your Own Rules / Defend Yours & Attack Others

- Player-Justice & Bounty Hunting Tied to Alignment / Player Prisons & Jail Breaks

- Custom Events / Rotating Monument Hotspots / Rotating Gather Hotzones

- In-Depth Tutorial w/ Rewards For Task Completion / In-Depth Server Wiki

- Clan Leaderboards Tracking Kills / Deaths / Raiding / Resources w/ Dynamic Rewards

- Player Leaderboards w/ In-Game Titles & Dynamic Rewards

- Achievement System w/ Dozens of Unlocks 

- Casino Gambling: Slot Machines / Blackjack Table / Home Scrap Wheel

- Social Features: Clans / Alliances / Private Messaging / Friends List / Ignore List

- In-Game Store for QOL Perks / Earn Server Reward Points Through Gameplay
- Much More Over Time!

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