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The Purge MMORPG


Join the brutal world of The Purge, where everyone starts dirt poor and works their way up the economic food chain by their own blood, sweat, and tears... literally. New players can begin in either the slums of The City, which has pretensions of civility, or in the wilderness of No Man's Land where anything goes, but regardless of where you start, you must earn Purge Tokens to increase your economic status. Create your own political party, run for office, change the world for the better, or burn it all to the ground by creating a gang and Purging with the best of them. The choice is yours.

- Highly-Detailed Custom Map / Custom City-Like Monuments / Higher Class & Lower Class Areas

- Custom Map Has Two Distinct Regions: "The City" & "No Man's Land" 

- The City: Purchase Pre-Made House Designs & Upgrade Them / No Man's Land: Build From Scratch

- PEACE TIME: + Gathering / PVP Only At City Monuments (No Man's Land Is FFA) / Raiding Disabled

- PURGE TIME: - Gathering / PVP Everywhere / Raiding Enabled & Buffed / Earn Purge Tokens

- Purge NPC'S Come Out Only During The Purge / Will Attack Players & Bases 

- Purge Tokens For Player & NPC Kills During The Purge / Spendable As Unique Currency

- Everyone Starts Poor / Raise Your Economic Status With Purge Tokens / Join The Wealthy Elite

- Bunker Up And Defend / Or Join The Purge Bloodbath / Both Options Viable & Different Playstyles

- Endgame Content / Purge Politics & Elections / Create Your Own Political Party / Or Your Own Gang

- Long-Term XP And Skill-Based Progression / 100 Levels / Earn XP & Raise Skills Through Gameplay
- RPG Character Development: Bloodlines / Skills / Talents / Attributes / Traits / Endless Possibilities

- In-Depth Tutorial w/ Rewards For Task Completion

- NPC Factions w/ Tier-Based Progression / Themed Loot Tables / Unique Agendas / Quests

- Regionalized Resources & Sub-Biomes / Resource Clusters / Improved Gathering & Farming

- Advanced Survival Overhaul, Unique Status Effects, Survivor & Nourishment Bonuses

- Custom Events / Rotating Monument Hotspots / Rotating Gather Hotzones

- Clan Leaderboards Tracking Kills / Deaths / Raiding / Resources w/ Dynamic Rewards

- Player Leaderboards w/ In-Game Titles & Dynamic Rewards

- Achievement System w/ Dozens of Unlocks Each Wipe

- Social Features: Clans / Alliances / Private Messaging / Friends List / Ignore List

- In-Game Store for QOL Perks / Earn Server Reward Points Through Gameplay
- In-Depth Server Wiki / Much More Over Time!

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